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Wildlife & Nature to See in January : Snowdrops

Wildlife to See in January : Snowdrops There are few sights more cheering after a long winter, than a new bloom of snowdrops. The delicate white flower is the herald of spring, and in the midst of recession, a reminder that pleasure doesn’t always mean shelling out....

Wildlife & Nature to See in January : Barn Owls

Wildlife to See in January : Barn Owls Firstly, a white emblem of British wildlife, the Barn Owl (Tyto alba). The Barn Owl is an evolutionary example of function meeting beauty. The heart-shaped face, whilst captivating, is a feature designed to conduct sound to their...

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RHS Companion to Wildlife Gardening

Overview The RHS Companion to Wildlife Gardening by Chris Baines is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive book giving a very broad coverage of wildlife in and around our gardens. The book opens by explaining the ever increasing importance of our gardens for...

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Which Type of Garden Bird Food to Use

Although they are lovely to watch all year round it is especially nice to know that you are helping them to survive during the cold winter months, when natural food is scarce. Helping them top up their energy reserves for the exhausting business of nesting & raising chicks.

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Best Mid-Price Range Binoculars

If you are ready to move on from budget or pocket binoculars, or like me you have a small cheap pair that you can carry with you all the time but also like a nicer, more expensive pair for holidays and trips to nature reserves then you will probably be considering...

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Photographing Nuthatches

Photographing Nuthatches

Exotic looking birds, resembling a small woodpecker with a paint job making them an attractive species to photograph.