As promised here is the follow up blog to Best Raincoats for Boys imaginatively titled ‘Best Raincoats for Girls.’ There has been a lot in the press and on TV in recent years about the pressures children face in the modern world. Many of these pressures seem to be especially applicable to girls. The phrase often used is that little girls are being ‘sexualised’… and indeed there may be plenty of pressures to act and look more grown up. Often this includes make-up, age inappropriate clothing and focusing on weight and looks more than having fun.

I think it’s our jobs as parents, aunts / uncles, teachers etc to show girls another side to life. If we show them, from a young age that playing out, getting muddy, climbing trees and exploring nature is fun then there is a good chance they will be too busy having fun and living life to worry about things that don’t really matter.

By no means does this mean that girls should give up playing ‘dress up’ or liking pink (if they are so inclined) but it’s about showing them that they can spend all morning playing out and then there is still time for other all the other things they enjoy.

I’ve selected a few of my favourite raincoats for girls below. Staying warm and dry is the key to enjoying the outdoors. There is no point in waiting for a nice day, they can be few and far between in this country! If you make sure you have the right gear then nothing can stop you getting out and about.

Hatley’s Raincoats for Girls

As covered in the blog ‘Best Raincoats for Boys’ I love Hatley’s raincoats because of the wide variety of colours and designs they make.  As well as the bold and colourful designs they are very practical and can be wiped down or thrown in the washing machine and they fold small enough to fit easily in a bag in case of a shower.

Hatley Girls Orchard Apples Raincoat. BUY NOW!

I love this Orchard Apples Hatley Raincoat. It’s practical and pretty at the same time and isn’t too pink which is ideal for parents trying to avoid a wardrobe that consists entirely of shades of pink BUT it does have a lovely pink shade inside to keep even the most hardened pink fan happy.



Hatley’s Raincoats with Horses. 

For all the horse lovers Hatley does a nice range of raincoats with various horse designs and in various colours. My son rides and quite often the girls at the stables wear these coats on overcast or showery days.

I love the raincoat pictured to the left. It’s a fab pink raincoat that is bound to appeal to a lot of little girls but the pink is broken up with blue horses and a blue and white striped interior.

Hatley Pink Show Horses Raincoat. BUY NOW!




If you are really trying to reduce the amount of pink in your child’s wardrobe  this girl’s blue raincoat with pink and white horses might fit the bill. It is still very girly but isn’t a block of pink colour.

Hatley Girls Hearts and Horses Raincoat. BUY NOW!





Other Hatley Raincoats for Girls

For something a bit different this lovely raincoat is covered with hot air balloons. The summery aqua colouring makes it perfect for summer holidays by the beach.

Hatley Girl’s Raincoat with Hot Air Balloons BUY NOW!






Best of the Rest 

I’ve also had a good nosey at other raincoat brands and found these cute, fun raincoats that I just love :