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We welcome submissions of guest posts and articles at GB Wildlife but please familiarise yourself with out submission policy and rules (below). 

By submitting an article you are confirming that you have read and agree to the submission policy and rules. 

Guest Post Submission Policy

The term GB Wildlife refers to the websites and associated social media of and

GB Wildlife welcomes original articles and posts about any of the following topics:

  1. The wildlife and nature of Great Britain
  2. Eco-friendly living
  3. Gardening (especially gardening for wildlife)
  4. Permaculture
  5. Any topic relating to wildlife and nature (eg, how walking/ gardening can boost mental health etc)
  6. Reviews of wildlife, nature, walking, eco-living or wildlife gardening products (please see point 5 of the Rules below)

If you are interested in writing a regular column or a series of articles for GB Wildlife then, after reading the rules below, please contact attaching a sample article/ post to discuss this. If this is agreeable the rules as outlined below will be applicable.

The administrator of GB Wildlife will assess each article’s suitability for publishing on the website and will inform the writer, as soon as possible, whether the submission has been accepted. This will usually be within 1 week, if there is likely to be a delay we will inform the writer of this.


  1. All submissions must be made by the writer of the piece. All submissions must be made by a person over 18 years old. By submitting a post or article you are confirming that you are over 18 years old.
  2. All submissions must be original and your own work. This means that they must not be published elsewhere online or in print. By submitting an article you are agreeing to the article being published on GB Wildlife, confirming that the article is not published elsewhere (print or online) and agreeing that the article will not be published elsewhere (print or online) in future, if the admission is accepted and published on GB Wildlife.
  3. We own , and also have access to, a wide range of stock photography that we can use to illustrate articles and posts so, unless specifically asked, please do not send images with any submission.
  4. Author bio (shirt tail) – The author of any published article or post can have a short author bio and photograph (if they wish) at the bottom of each of their published pieces. This bio will directly follow the article without any gaps/ advertising/ other content in between. The author bio can include a link to the author’s own website or blog and relevant social media.
  5. Other than the links permitted in the author bio (see point 4) the writer must not add any other links within the submitted blogs, articles or reviews. Links added/ requested by the writers will not be permitted within the article. Links may be added to the article by the administrator of GB Wildlife – these may include affiliate links from which commission may be paid to the administrator of GB Wildlife. The writer will not receive any form of payment or commission from any links included in articles/ reviews/ posts they have written. If you wish to write a piece where links to a third party website would be vital (eg if you are writing about a place , organisation or charity) then these will be added by the administrator of GB Wildlife. If you wish to write a review or comparison article (e.g. about kit for the outdoors) then the administrator of GB Wildlife will insert links of their choice to the products reviewed/ mentioned.
  6. GB Wildlife has the right to edit any submitted article/ post prior to, or after, publishing.
  7. The administrator of GB Wildlife’s decision regarding the acceptance or decline of submissions is final.
  8. The editorial decisions of the administrator of GB Wildlife is final.
  9. GB Wildlife will provide the writers of articles/ blogs published on the website a direct link to their own articles. We request that the writers link to their published articles from their social media accounts (where applicable).
  10. No payment will be made for submissions, this includes payment of commission from affiliate links within articles or advertising revenue.

Submitting content 

To submit content for consideration please email