Non-chocolatey Easter Gifts For Outdoorsy Kids

The supermarkets have been selling Easter eggs since Christmas but have really ramped up the marketing in the last few weeks and you can’t go into a shop without being bomnarded with offers for chocolate eggs. I love chocolate probably more than the average person but wouldn’t a gift that lasts more than a few minutes be a better option?

This is my top selection of Easter gifts for kids to help encourage them to get outside, take an interest in nature and keep them occupied for more than two minutes.

Bug Safari Set


When my son was younger we had this exact set and not only did he spent hours bug hunting in the garden it also kept him occupied on walks – although it did slow the pace down! You can buy it here>>

It’s perfect for little fingers and helps children to examine insects closely without causing any harm to the little creatures.

If the little explorer in your life wants to also look the part then the kit below also has dress-up clothes, a handy drawstring bag and a whistle (in all honesty I’d have confiscated a whistle from my son within 30 seconds – bugs I’m ok with but loud piercing noises? No thank you!)



Sunflower Growing Kit


This is a lovely gift to encourage green fingers and perfect for anyone of any age. Who doesn’t love a giant flower that is, with a little bit of luck, going to grow at super speed and be towering above them in no time? As an added bonus the seeds from the sunflower head are a favourite food of finches, sparrows, nuthatches and tits.


Butterfly Garden


Being able to watch at close hand the metamorphism of a caterpillar to a butterfly is enchanting.

We used a butterfly house like this several times at home and each time was magical. I remember the primary school also doing this when my son was young but the school had already agreed our son could have a week off to visit relatives (at the time we lived in Yorkshire and my parents were in Cornwall). He was so upset at the prospect of missing them hatching that we cut our holiday short and went home!



Whether you are buying for toddlers or teenagers there are binoculars to suit all age groups.


Younger children love exploring with them clamped to their eyes but there are bound to be accidental drops and bumps so you need something pretty indestructible. It’s not too important at this age how well they work as binoculars it’s more about getting them interested in investigating the natural world and having fun.


For older children and teenagers it’s time to buy their first pair of proper-grown up binoculars. Even though they’re old enough to be careful with binoculars it’s important to buy ones that are comfortable to hold and easy to carry. Large or heavy pairs of binoculars are likely to be left at home and forgotten about.

In our home we each have a pair of these Opticron Adventurer binoculars. They are easy to carry and fit into pockets, light weight and easy to use with good vision clarity.


Bug Hotel


Why not give a fun gift that also helps your garden wildlife. Kids will have fun building and painting this bug hotel and it will then provide a home from hundreds (maybe even thousands) of your garden insects.


Article by Lorna Crystal