Early September saw us take the plunge and move from West Yorkshire to the coast of North Cornwall.

We’ve wanted to move for a long time but with Jack starting secondary school now seemed like the right time. House prices in Cornwall are much higher than West Yorkshire so we’ve downsized massively, from a 3 bed family home with a large garden and garage to a compact, two bed terrace with a small paved garden. Not only do we need to be able to live comfortably but the move means that we’re both now working from home so we needed to find room to set up an office of sorts. We’ve had to plan the layout carefully and get rid of most of our belongings in order to squeeze in. Relaxing, eating and working are all done from the modestly sized living room.

What the house lacks in space it more than makes up for in location.

We are now living in an area of outstanding natural beauty, five minutes walk from the South West Coast path and the cliffs above Boscastle harbour. We have numerous walks from the door to a variety of different habitats – coast & cliffs, farmland, wooded valleys and country lanes with hedgerows.

Since we moved we’ve spent the majority of our out-of-work time unpacking boxes and taking yet more belongings to charity shops. Despite the gales and torrential rain we’ve started going for pre-work morning walks and longer walks after we’ve finished work for the day.

There will be three updates to this blog each week (starting from beginning of October):

Monday – This will be a re-cap of the weekend. We’ll be turning most weekends into mini-adventures jam-packed with wildlife & nature activities.

Wed/ Thursday – Wildlife and nature highlights from our weekday walks. Most walks will be just me and Andrew so quieter

Friday – What we’re planning to do over the weekend and what we’re hoping to see.

It would be great if you join in and tell us what your plans are, where you’ve been and what you’ve seen.