If you are ready to move on from budget or pocket binoculars, or like me you have a small cheap pair that you can carry with you all the time but also like a nicer, more expensive pair for holidays and trips to nature reserves then you will probably be considering getting a pair in the mid-price rang. These make fantastic gifts for anyone who likes bird and wildlife watching or travelling.

The benefits of opting for a pair of mid-price range binoculars is that they cope better in different light conditions so are good for using at dawn and dusk which is perfect for watching birds and wildlife. The manufacturers also pay more care to users needs, for example most binoculars within this range would take into account users that wear glasses as well. Lens quality is better with these slightly more expensive binoculars giving less distortion of vision.

Olympus 8 x 40 DPSI Binocular

These Olympus binoculars are one of the most popular available and offer 8x magnification. The wide-angle field of view makes them suitable for watching fast-moving objects which makes them popular with bird watchers and then ant-reflective coating ensures the image is clear and bright.

They are comfortable to hold, easy to adjust and feel incredibly well made. They come with a 25 year manufacturers warranty to help put your mind at rest.

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Bushnell H20 Roof Prism 8x 42 Water Proof Binocular

These Bushnell Binoculars are perfect for all wildlife and bird watchers. They offer 8 x magnification and are comfortable to hold. They perform really well even in lower light conditions so great early mornings and late evenings.

With the added bonus of being waterproof these suit even the most hardy walker or birder who will be out and about in all weather!


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Pentax 8.5 x 21 Close Focus Papilio Binoculars

These Pentax binoculars are a great mid-price range pair offering 8.5 x magnification. Perfect for viewing close up subjects with a minimum focusing distance of just 50cm where many other brands have a minium focusing distance of 2m. The specially shaped lens design helps create edge-to-edge sharpness in the image with minimum distortion.

They are suitable for users that wear glasses and they are easy to adjust and focus. I would recommend these binoculars for people who are keen on viewing things that are closer up in great detail. The binoculars come with a Tripod receptable so that you can attache a tripod to make the viewing even more stable (tipod sold separately).

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