Best Raincoats for Kids

Jack wearing his dinosaur raincoat under a fountain!

Help Kids Enjoy Being Outdoors In Any Weather

This blog was supposed to be about the best raincoats for kids, covering both the best coats for girls and boys. However seeing how much I managed to write about boys raincoats alone I changed the title and will be focusing on a raincoats for girls in a separate blog. I absolutely love raincoats for boys as they ensure that no matter what the weather it won’t stop play! Having a very outdoorsy little boy means that they’re an essential part of his wardrobe and gone are the days of the cheap plastic mac being the only option without spending a small fortune. The choice of colours and designs is amazing and they are incredibly cute!

No matter what the weather children can find pleasure in being outside. If they are wrapped up warm in a waterproof rain coat nothing will stop them having fun.

If we can encourage children to enjoy playing out in both rain and shine they will be set up for life, because lets face it we are always going to get more than our fair share of cold, rainy days in good old Blighty.

A great raincoat should first and foremost be waterproof (!) It should not be precious, there is no point giving a child a raincoat and then spoiling all the fun by not allowing it to get dirty. Once that is wipe-able is ideal. It should be big enough to fit plenty of layers underneath, there is nothing more miserable that being cold on a rainy day, it turns the most fun adventure into a boring trudge, but it should also be small enough to roll up and stick in a bag once the shower passes. Perhaps most importantly, next to it being actually waterproof, is that a good raincoat should be a fun coat. It should defy the weather and be bright and cheerful.


Best Raincoats for Boys 

Hatley’s Boy’s Raincoats

Hatley's raincoat for boys.

Jack in his current Hatley’s raincoat for boys.

This Hatley Boys Big Rig Trucks Raincoat is ideal for all those kids who love trucks. It’s nice, bright colours mean it is easy to spot your child in a crowd (something I found was always incredibly helpful!).

It can be machine washed but I always found that most spills can just be wiped straight off. It has popper buttons making it easy for little hands to fasten up.

I’ve always loved the Hatley’s raincoats for boys and my son, Jack, has had several (mainly the farming related ones!) and always loved them. From a parent’s point of view they are lightweight and easy to carry around, protect against the wind as well as the rain and last really well so are great value for money. We’ve always been able to pass coats he’s outgrown onto other children in the family and they still look as good as new even though they have thoroughly put to the test as Jack spends most of his time playing out and getting filthy.

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Hatley also do a full range of colourful raincoats for boys no matter what they are interested in including these below:



Other Boy’s Raincoats I Recommend

As you can see from the first picture in this article Jack hasn’t only tried and tested the Hatley’s raincoats. Another great raincoat we he had that lasted him throughout his ‘toddler’ years was a dinosaur raincoat.

This coat was fun and colourful and is still going strong today having been handed down through the family. As well as having dinosaur pictures on the front it also has ‘spines’ on the shoulders and the hood fit nicely around his face as it has elastic to stop it blowing down.

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There are lots of other fun raincoats that I’ve found when searching for ones suitable for Jack. I’ve added a few of these below: